Catherine Zeregbe

Having a degree in Embroidered Textile Design, Catherine has a keen eye, not just for aesthetics and detail, but order too. In fact she relishes any chance to create calm out of chaos.

Her first memory of de-cluttering was as a child, sorting, cleaning-out and re-arranging her mum’s spice cupboard she realised even then that this was what made her tick.  Experience working in the village deli and later on as caterer in a busy London barristers’ chambers (from a very small kitchen) have taught her great organisational and people skills. 

When her twin boys were three she trained as a Montessori Nursery teacher in London but once employed in a school found that the role she filled best was sorting out the staffroom which held years of forgotten layers of potential teaching materials, paperwork and old uniform. “It was a bit like the archives of a museum” she remembers. Having sifted the useful from the out-of-date she found she had discovered her role in life... and a lot more space and happier staff!

Over the last twenty years, whilst juggling family life, work, renovating two flats and a house Catherine has moved five times, so fully appreciates that life can sometimes get on top of you. However she gained much valuable knowledge on packing, editing and storing the essentials efficiently.

Now settled in Somerset with her teenage boys her time is employed making curtains, blinds and quilts. She has also discovered an increasing need from people who want help in re-organising their space and also how much de-cluttering gives one a refreshingly new outlook on life.

Catherine covers areas around Bristol, Minehead, Exeter, Lyme Regis, Yeovil and everywhere in between.


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