Where we work

Cluttergone offers a decluttering service to most of England.

The map opposite shows at a glance the areas that we work.

To make a booking or for more information, contact Beverly Wade by email or call 01279 792000.


Our Consultants

All our consultants are happy to travel within the UK up to approximately 1.5hrs travelling time from their home base.

Find out more about our team of consultants or just click on the name of the consultant in your area.

 South of England
Jo Kingston
Jo Watson
 Rebecka  Annie  CatherineKatharine
Bath & Bristol
Bedfordshire    ü         
   ü ü     
Buckinghamshire  ü  ü  ü       
Cambridgeshire    ü         
Devon    ü        ü 
Dorset          ü  ü 
East Sussex  ü           ü
Essex    ü         
Gloucestershire        ü     
Hampshire      ü    ü   
Hertfordshire  ü  ü  
Huntingdonshire    ü         
 ü         ü
London  ü  ü    ü   ü   ü
Northamptonshire    ü    ü     
Oxfordshire  ü    ü  ü     
Somerset             ü 
Suffolk     ü         
Surrey  ü    ü       ü
Warwickshire        ü     
West Sussex             ü
     ü     ü   ü 
Worcestershire        ü     

North of England 
 Gail Heather Hannele
Derbyshire      ü 
East Yorkshire

  ü  ü
Greater Manchester  ü     ü
Lancashire  ü    
Merseyside  ü    
North Yorkshire
   ü  ü
Nottinghamshire     ü 
Shropshire     ü 
Staffordshire   ü 
West Midlands   ü 
West Yorkshire
   ü   ü
North Wales

Not in your area yet?

All our consultants are very willing to travel, so call if you live outside these areas.   We can also travel and stay overnight in reasonably priced accommodation if that is more convenient or cost effective than daily travel. Cluttergone professionals have worked in Switzerland, Germany and Ireland, so we'll be able to reach you!

Alternatively, we may be able to put you in contact with another declutterer who is nearer to you, for example South Wales and Norwich.

Travel Costs

Our aim is to keep our travel costs to a minimum.  For most areas in the South East you will not be charged more than £25 for any travel.

Costs for travel up to 45 minutes each way (90 minutes in total) are included in the hourly price.  Any travel that takes longer than 90 minutes will be charged at approximately 50% of the standard hourly rate.

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