Gail Brown


Gail Brown
has been decluttering professionally since 2004 and although she loves interior design, she feels that decluttering and organisation are her vocation in life. She says, “I get so much enjoyment out of it. I just love the sense of the new space that appears afterwards, replacing the chaos with calm, and the clarity this brings.”

Gail has moved house a total of 9 times during the last 20 years, so she has become an expert at organising belongings into all different shapes and sizes of house, and consequently become very proficient at keeping clutter in check.

Gail is currently studying for a Diploma in Interior Design with the Institute of Interior Design in London. As well as having carried out ‘House Doctoring’ for a number of people, Gail has renovated two houses of her own and is presently working on her third.

In her early career Gail spent six years working as a Legal Executive in a Solicitors office and is also a qualified Nursery Nurse, having worked in a variety of different schools and nurseries. She now has two teenage children of her own.

Gail moved to Lyon, France, in 2006 with her family and lived there for four years. She studied French and also did some marketing/copywriting for a European Company. Gail now lives with her family close to York.

Gail has a friendly, caring manner, with a gift for putting people at their ease. She is a conscientious organiser, as well as having a keen eye and flare for seeing what needs doing in any given space.

Gail lives just outside of York and covers the north of England.


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