Q. Can you help children and teenagers?

A. Yes. We have worked directly with children as young as 11. The child is our 'client' and we work with them exactly the same way as we work with their parents. In one instance, a 12 year old boy so admired what we'd done in his mother's bedroom that he asked his mother whether he could have the same help. His parents had recently had his room painted to his specifications and he wanted our help to complete the transition from little boy's room to young man's. His mother picked a day when the younger brother was out at a sports club and made it into a 'special day' for her older son.

We also help mothers deal with the chaos that can characterise a small child's room. We encourage the process to continue after we leave and the child comes home; to involve the children on some level. It may be to have five 'saves' from the toys put into the charity bag. It may be a discussion about who in the circle of family and friends should receive outgrown clothes or toys.

Amongst our adult clients we hear stories that begin: "I came home from school and my mother had thrown out all my........" Sometimes that experience can become a life long pain. Involving the child can establish good habits and avoid the horror stories.

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