Q. My live-in partner isn't very keen on the idea of decluttering help.  What should I do?

A. This is a very common situation.  Partners often say things like:

  • We don't have a problem with clutter!
  • I don't want anyone telling me what to do or what to throw away
  • We can sort it out on our own
  • You can't let someone like that in our house

You might reply something like:

  • I feel that I have a problem and I want help for myself
  • Cluttergone only work with the owner of the clutter, and won't touch any one else's possessions without their permission
  • If we have some hands-on help and advice, we'll be able to continue decluttering together much more efficiently
  • Cluttergone is an experienced, reputable company who know exactly what they are doing

We have worked with many, many different clients over the years and obviously it is ideal for both partners to be on board with the idea of professional decluttering help.  You could show your partner the website, or print off some of the pages, so they can find out more about professional decluttering and organising.  And of course, we are very happy to talk in detail with anyone about our services and how we work.

Realistically though, sometimes a client may feel that this is something that they want to do for themselves.  In this case, please don't worry, we are very discrete and work in complete confidence.  No-one will need know your personal business.

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